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We understand the ethics of moving, and we also know that moving of the items cannot be judged on the same scale because dimensions, requirements , weights and safety is always different. Our service is designed to cater the needs of movements and treat each project and item on individual thing and fulfilling all the requirements associated with it. Our quality inspection team will do all the required assessments of all the items individually before the start of moving. We will track the complete moving of the items so that our quick response team can respond to the situation immediately. We will design and study every aspect of the moving according to your requirements and items so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Our company is one the most recognized company for all types of movements for both commercial and residential users. Usually to save money clients like to move things by there own self and during that movement, the success ratio is very low because damages and injuries usually happen because of the no experience they have for the movements.They don’t have proper tools , items and even transport medium to move things safely and securely.Angel's Moving relocation have perfect and systematic planning that will make your local moving successful and ends up all in a cost-effective manner. We have years of experience in providing our service for both residential and commercial sector and achieving the complete satisfaction of the clients without compromising the quality of work

Angel moving is one of the most recognized company for all type of shifting including homes , office’s and big items which include furniture, electronics and many more. If you are looking for a professional company who can provide the service in most affordable, fast and secure we are the right choice for this kind of expectations. Most of the common items which are moved by the customers are

Furniture which includes sofas, bed, tables, chairs, cabinets , cupboards
Electronics which includes tv, refrigerants, AC, microwave, washing machines, fans
General household items like exercise equipment , toys, clothes , computers , mirrors

We will provide complete packing materials like cartons , bubble wraps and tapes for any kinds of items

Are you having any sort of worries with the service which we are providing? You don’t have to worry about any things because we treat experiences project personally and professionally. We will design the moving plan according to the budget and requirements. We are professional company who have completed thousands of moving project in both residential and commercial. Our ultimate goal is to do work on time without compromising safety or quality. We are not the traditional moving company we adopt the changes and technologies in the moving business because we want to serve the customer smartly and effectively so that we will become the only choice for the customers for there moving needs in both residential and commercial.

Three kinds of shifting services to suit your needs

Normal relocation

Angel’s Moving will provide masking tapes and Boxes.
Self-packing of all items into boxes.
Necessary safeguard and wrapping will be given for stuff.
Furniture will be organized consequently to their respective position.
Self-unpacking of all items.

Pack and Move

Packing of all things into boxes by Angel's Moving
Essential safeguard and packaging will be providing for stuff .
Furniture will be arranged consequently to their respective position
Self-unpacking of all boxes

Pack, Move, Unpack

Packing of total things into cartons by Angel's Moving
Essential safeguard and packaging will be providing for stuff .
Furniture will be arranged consequently to their respective position
Unpacking of all contents in boxes by Angel's Moving

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Our Experienced team will visit your place for the assessment of the moving items and will share what sort of service will be beneficial for you along with the style of packing so that your items don’t get damaged during course of transportation. We will make sure that your moving assignment should not exceed the amount which is finalized and we will be using best packaging material for your items and will follow proper safety regulations because we don’t want to damage the items as well the location during in or out of the household. Call us now at 305-265-8731 or 954-973-6911 or can email us at angelmoving@gmail.com or you can have a look on website for more details about the type of moving service and moving projects we have completed and their respective exercise.


For all types of moving, we have complete service under one roof. Give us the chance to serve, and you will be never be disappointed.